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The controlled cloud

Le cloud by Bull enables the organization to choose the most appropriate deployment model for its cloud environment (private, managed or public) to match its needs, its culture and its resources. In all these situations, Bull provides the advice, tools and support needed to establish a sustainable and secure cloud platform.

Systems administration: using dedicated administration tools (VMware, CA Technologies), the IT department can manage its cloud based on business-oriented SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Control: the IT department keeps control over its data and processes, thanks to the technical interoperability that comes from using standard platforms, as well as the conformity and transparency rules that are put in place.

Reversibility: reversibility, an essential issue, is built in from the start to enable the organization to either to take back its own data or to have it managed by an external supplier. Bull uses the same approaches and tools, in an industrialized way, when it hosts all or part of a cloud environment.

Managed private cloud: hosting and operation of virtual infrastructures that are private, physically dedicated to business applications or large development and test environments.

Managed private Cloud: Bull’s subsidiary, Agarik, provides a Platform as a Service offer for e-businesses >

extreme factory: scientific cloud solution offering on-demand power for high-performance computing >

CloudMaker: a public cloud solution (IaaS) for SMEs wanting fast access to infrastructure resources >


Le cloud by Bull

A practical approach to the cloud for a smooth transition


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