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The structured cloud

To ensure that the cloud actively contributes to value creation, rather than just introducing more complexity, IT departments have to careful think through its many and varied consequences: technologies and IS topology, the nature, management and distribution of services, relations with the business, organization and skills, etc.

Bull Advisory Services, the consulting service specialized in infrastructure transformation, conducts a rapid, rigorous and independent analysis based on ITIL, COBIT or eSCM guidelines to help IT departments prepare for the transition to the cloud and its new service orientation.

GPS for Cloud : this maturity and opportunity analysis starts from the expressed business needs to propose the potential cloud model(s) and an initial cost-benefit assessment

Compass for Cloud : this detailed impact analysis makes recommendations concerning the service catalogue, the cloud model selected and its architecture. It comprises identification of all the factors affecting the transformation project and recommendations for new services.

Service catalogue and technical reference architecture: aimed at defining the optimal service levels, the unit cost of services, service quality indicators, security policies and tools, service continuity and process automation targets. The economic analysis estimates the ROI of the transformation project.

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Le cloud by Bull

A practical approach to the cloud for a smooth transition


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