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Meeting the new challenges of Customs and trade globalization

With the constant development of international trade, Customs Authorities face constant challenges to facilitate trade while at the same time enforcing regulations, protecting their citizens and adapting to frequently changing trade agreements. An expert in government information technology, Bull assists Customs Authorities in achieving their mission with global consulting, integration specific development capabilities and a software suite addressing their core business.

Long term expertise in the public sector
As a European-based information company present in more than 60 countries, Bull is dedicated to help public authorities to develop open and secure information systems with consulting, integration services, as well as hardware and software solutions. Bull has worked for more than 40 years now in partnership with central governments and local authorities around the world to help them modernize and develop their information systems.

Proven experience in assisting Customs Authorities in the fulfillment of their mission
Bull has an extensive set of references in this field, relating to customs information systems analysis and consulting services, software design, development and implementation as well as roll-out of hardware and infrastructure solutions in support of customs projects. Bull has acquired a recognized expertise in the implementation of customs software solutions in countries like Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ireland, Lithuania, Malta, Morocco, Poland, Romania and Turkey. Bull has notably delivered key IT solutions to the majority of new European Union countries before their accession in May 2004.

Advanced solution for Customs
With a thorough understanding of the customs business, Bull has developed e-biscus™, a web based software suite based on FlexStudio™, the Bull J2EE transactional development platform. From declaration to automatic release of goods, including selectivity, computation of duties, non-tariff measures enforcement and post clearance audit, this intelligent, highly configurable and customizable solution ensures tight control, accurate discharge of declarations and fast release of goods. Whatever the customs regime or the complexity of the regulations, e-biscus™ deals in real-time with all declarations, thus bringing agility and effectiveness to the Customs clearance process.

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