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Public sector
Helping public sector organizations put citizens and business at the heart of their processes.

In a rapidly moving digital economy and globalized world, governments and local authorities operate in an environment more and more characterized by rapid economic change, rising security and environmental concerns and a more demanding electorate. As a result, they face an unprecedented challenge to deliver better and more cost-effective services to both citizens and businesses, providing the public with greater levels of accountability and transparency. For many years, Bull has worked in partnership with central governments and local authorities across five continents to help them meet these challenges. Bull is recognized for its leading expertise in the evolution of infrastructures, secure on-line procedures, re-engineering information systems and aligning systems to new international demands.

Bull's offer for the public sector

Modernising information systems with open and secure technologies
From consulting in IT strategic alignment to outsourcing, from mission-critical servers and security solutions to Java-based integration platforms and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), Bull helps public sector organizations adapt successfully their IT to today’s complex and constantly changing environment. Always centered around the users, these solutions incorporate the latest open technologies while capitalizing on existing investments.
Optimising the delivery and management of public services
With decision support tools, collaborative portals and mobile solutions, plus change management and training services, Bull helps give public servants better access to relevant information. Decision-makers can have a more transparent view of financial and performance measures, enabling them to more effectively control the cost of delivering their services.

Providing services focused on citizens and business
From multi-channel ‘citizens’ portals’ to security and e-identity solutions enabling trust and privacy, from on-line processes (taxes, customs,…) to Enterprise Application Integration and e-voting solutions, Bull helps public sector bodies provide services that are fast, easy to use, and available 24 hours a day.

Delivering off-the-shelf software suites for local authorities
Bull also provides off-the-shelf software suites built around standard and open technologies for specific governance functions:


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