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The Bull and IBM partnership dates back to 1992. This close collaboration has generated a large number of innovations and helped make AIX™/Unix® the most robust technology for the deployment of mission-critical business applications.

An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partnership

Based on an OEM partnership, this technological cooperation has produced multiprocessor servers running AIX™ on POWER processors. These servers are marketed by Bull in its Escala range and by IBM in its System p range. Escala servers have become a reference platform for thousands of customers who require high performance for their mission-critical applications.

IBM and Bull Marketing and R&D teams work together to design hardware and software offers for AIX™ and POWER technology. Bull has developed AIX™ multiprocessor functions, such as the SMP architecture which has enabled the POWER/AIX™ systems to achieve excellent market performance on a regular basis. Bull has also developed entry-level servers based on POWER6 processors (IBM System p range and Bull Escala range). Moreover, Bull experts are contributing to the writing of IBM Redbooks and key beta programs.

New initiatives for the Blade server market

In 2007, IBM and Bull extended their OEM agreement to integrate IBM blade servers under the Bull Blade Series brand.

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