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Bull and Intel: a longstanding cooperation in Enterprise Business and High Performance Computing

Bull and Intel have been working together for years, and have had many great successes, both in business, and scientific environments. Bull has demonstrated great innovations, based on Intel processors and has delivered a full offering, across enterprise-class servers, all the way from blades, to mainframe systems, and it goes obviously beyond the hardware.

A great example of the Bull/Intel relationship are the successive wins in large High Computing Centers such as: France’s Atomic Energy Authority, Germany’s Jülich Research Center and UK Cardiff University Research Center, with NovaScale® and Intel® processors.

Bull and Intel are closely working together to address industry needs

Today, end-users are struggling to drive down their costs of operation; they are struggling to reduce the complexity of their environment and they are working to create an agile infrastructure that enables them to respond to the changes in their business needs, Bull and Intel are closely working together to address industry needs.

Intel Xeon

Bull has compelling Xeon® based Data Center solutions, targeted at the server virtualization and consolidations solutions, where the industry is truly focusing today, delivering the most efficient solutions, for our customers, the end-users.

Bull is delivering solutions based on Intel technology that delivers direct value to IT

Bull will continue to build upon Intel core technologies providing system innovations such as they have demonstrated over and over in the years with the Bull NovaScale® solutions.

The future holds great opportunities for continued collaboration between Bull and Intel from clients to servers, and from the enterprise to the scientific community.

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