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Success stories
Every day, in over 50 countries worldwide, hundreds of organizations depend on Bull's products, solutions and services to support their critical business activities and processes. Bull's customers are extremely diverse, but they broadly share the same requirements: the need for high-performance, mission-critical systems that help them innovate and grow faster than their competitors. As 'Architect of an Open World', Bull has a unique ability to capture the world’s intelligence and make it work for its customers, providing made-to-measure solutions to ever-more complex problems.

CORESO: Bull helps Coreso keep watch over Europe’s electricity distribution grids

Coreso, the leading technical coordination center for Western Europe’s electricity distribution grids, has awarded Bull an outsourcing contract covering its mission-critical IT infrastructures. Under the terms of the deal, Bull will provide all the necessary support to guarantee the availability of the joint-venture company’s information systems. In order to keep constant watch over the electricity networks and continuously feed back data gathered from all the European TSOs – as well as to analyze this data using powerful computational algorithms and enable rapid decision-making ­– Coreso depends on a highly reliable information system and responsive teams.Jérôme Belley, Director of Bull’s outsourcing business in France, concludes: “Our European high availability experts and multi-lingual support team – capable of exchanging ideas with support centers through Europe – are organized to respond to Coreso’s vital need for responsiveness. This ability to adapt to a highly specific mission

Efficient Backup and Disaster Recovery for ACTIRIS in Belgium

ACTIRIS, a famous employment agency in the Brussels region has selected Bull to replace its existing Disaster Recovery and Backup system, with a more reliable, efficient and easy to manage system. Bull implemented a backup solution based on StoreWay Calypso, powered by CommVault, and supporting existing backup data. ACTIRIS appreciated Bull expertise and the quality of the partnership.

ADP: “Hosting the Motor Trade” – How Bull Helped ADP DSI Revolutionise its Software Delivery Model

ADP Dealer Services International (ADP DSI) is a market-leading supplier of advanced software solutions, computer services and business communications technology to the retail automotive industry. To be effective, Autoline, a full ERP System for the automotive vertical, has to be run on reliable, robust and high-quality hardware systems. To fulfil this function, ADP DSI turned to its existing IT supplier, Bull. Bull’s role as an ADP DSI partner has evolved significantly since ADP DSI introduced hosting. Trust between the two companies has increased and the IT requirement has grown, not just for services – important though those are – but also for IT hardware implementation. With the expansion of the four data centres, ADP DSI now has a total of 29 Bull Escala POWER/AIX™ systems and 5 EMC Celerra storage devices across the estate. The systems are robust and resilient, ensuring ADP DSI is now able to offer up to 99.5 per cent service availability.

AFD reaches all four corners of the world with Bull

The French Overseas Development Agency, the AFD, has selected to deploye a new, centralized, and more homegeneous IT infrastructure and messaging system in more than 50 countries across four continents.

Protecting the strategic data in France’s budgetary system

Led by AIFE (l’Agence pour l’informatique financière de l’État), the French State financial IT Agency, the ‘Chorus’ project is aiming to provide a single, common budgetary system for the State, based on SAP. In particular, Bull has been chosen to design, supply and implement the Chorus ultra high-availability infrastructure.

Algerie Poste deploys intelligent franking with Bull

As part of the modernization of postal services in the country, the customer has decided to acquire, implement and deploy a complete franking solution based on ‘intelligent’ franking machines. The Bull postal solution consists of servers and software dedicated to refunds, franking management and franking machines, which will be deployed across the whole country.

Allianz Africa won over by virtualization

A European leader in insurance and financial services, Allianz turned to Bull to implement a shared and virtualized infrastructure which would be perfectly aligned with its business needs and the local situation. By enabling Allianz Africa to standardize its network and application infrastructure across all countries, virtualization meets the IT Department’s two key objectives of harmonization and simplifying system management.

Bull helps AWE scientists push back the boundaries of science

To carry out their important work in support of the UK’s nuclear deterrent scientists at AWE need a vast amount of computing power. Until earlier this year, the organisation was reliant on one main supercomputer. However, this year, after a two year competitive tender process, AWE has accepted delivery of three supercomputers from Bull. All three are based on the award winning bullx platform. The first two, named ‘Willow’, were installed separately, one after the other, in the early part of the year before the most powerful of the three, named ‘Blackthorn’, was installed later in the year.

In Brazil, Banco do Brasil chooses Bull to supply multi-document processing solution

In December 2010, Bull Latin America signed a contract with Banco do Brasil (the State-controlled Brazilian bank and the biggest bank in Brazil) to supply products and services for a turnkey financial and non-financial document processing solution, using distributed document image capture, automatic image identification and classification, automatic data extraction using OCR[1] and ICR[2] technologies, signature verification, document formatting, data extraction and legacy systems integration for business transactions. This is a classic, although highly complex, example of a paperless system. The project involves the deployment of both the main and back-up document processing centers within the bank’s data centers, with distributed document capture units all over the country (in 5,000 branches) connected via networks.

Barclays France retains the SSO Evidian solution

Barclays France’s ever-growing staff was finding it difficult to implement its rigorous security rules. Applications were increasing in number, with very diverse technologies. Cases of forgotten passwords and incorrect password attempts were frequent since there were as many passwords as applications. The helpdesk was, therefore, overburdened, resulting in a very high cost in terms of assistance and loss of productivity. At the same time, a strict security policy was reinforced: for instance, complex passwords were to be renewed every month, and workstations locked after 3 incorrect password attempts. After a call for tender to three security-solution providers, Barclays France chose Evidian’s Enterprise SSO.Their solution was the only one that enabled us to deploy SSO and biometrics from only one screen, which simplifies management.Moreover, Evidian provides an effective backup tool in case of biometric system failure.

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council goes virtual with Bull TCL

In 2006, Barnsley MBC and Bull formed a groundbreaking joint venture company, Bull TCL, to manage BMBC’s IT operations and proactively pitch for IT support contracts in the wider world. Bull TCL quickly delivered substantial efficiencies under the government Efficiency Agenda as well as helping to secure commercial ICT contracts worth several million in the first few months of trading. These early successes laid the foundation for improvements in both council services to Barnsley residents and further economic development in the town.

BBVA relies on a new Bull supercomputer

BBVA's bullx supercomputer will be the fifth most powerful in Spain, and is said to be the country's leading system in the banking sector BBVA will reduce the time taken to run models of complex trend scenarios and financial forecasts by up to three times

BinckBank, the leading internet stock brokerage company in The Netherlands

BinckBank, the leading internet stock brokerage company in The Netherlands, relies on Bull to redesign and manage its complete IT infrastructure. Today, BinckBank sports one of the most innovative private cloud IT infrastructures in the Netherlands.

Agarik hosts the Korben blog

Agarik – a Bull Group company which specializes in hosting critical Web infrastructures – has taken on the hosting of Korben, one of the three leading IT blogs in France. Agarik’s organizational and technical set-up means we can make a contractual commitment to the availability of the hardware hosted.

C1000 ups its data availability with new storage infrastructure supplied by Bull

C1000, one of the largest purchasing cooperatives in The Netherlands for the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industry, supplies its franchisees with extensive support on payroll, IT, Marketing and purchasing services. In this highly competitive market, innovation and process efficiency are key factors that require a close coordination between the business processes and IT to ensure the fastest possible time to market. Storage plays a critical role in this process as data needs to be manipulated, queried, backed-up, restored, moved and monitored. Based on a series of workshops with various suppliers, C1000 chose Bull to design and implement the storage solution based on price, service and project definition and implementation.

C1000 consolidates IT Infrastructure on Bull novascale bullion

Supermarket-giant C1000 migrates its complete Windows infrastructure to four Bull bullion servers. C1000 will realize a consolidation of their already virtualized server farm from fifty physical servers to four physical servers, whilst retaining full performance and redundancy functionalities, and thus realizing significant reduction on energy consumption.

CARMAT and Bull announce the development of a portable equipment for the recipients of CARMAT’s arti

CARMAT, the designer and developer of the world’s most advanced total artificial heart, and Bull – via its subsidiary Amesys, a leader in mission-critical system architecture – today announced their agreement regarding the supply of a power system. Under the terms of this agreement, Amesys will develop a portable system that will enable patients to move around independently and safely in their daily activities. The user-friendly equipment will allow the patient to live at home and to travel around. This system will be available by early 2012 in order to be available for the home discharge of the early, clinical phase recipients of the CARMAT artificial heart.

Bull supports every area of Carrefour’s business!

Europe’s number one retailer and the second largest in the world, with 15,661 stores, the Carrefour Group is constantly adapting its organization to ensure that it meets its strategic objectives. At the very heart of its business, IT support has become a key resource, guaranteeing the Group’s operational excellence. The smooth operation of checkouts and warehouses depends on the quality of this support, as well as on the effective management of the 400 or more applications that are currently in use. As well as these tools, service levels have been defined to align with quality improvement targets, whether they relate to the aborted call rate, incident resolution times, criteria for determining how vital an application is to the business, or escalation times.

CCRT acquires a new bullx supercomputer to support industrial innovation

AIRAIN, a 200 Teraflops massively parallel supercomputer, was officially unveiled on October 9, 2012 at the Research and Technology Computing Centre CCRT) hosted by CEA near Paris, France. This supercomputer is available to all industry partners members of CCRT, a unique organisation created specifically to support partnerships between research and industry in high performance digital simulation.

Center for the Development of Enterprise chose Bull for its storage strategy

In order to guarantee optimum availability of applications while keeping costs under control, the CDE had ask Bull Advisory Services to carry out an evaluation of the IT infrastructure. The results of this enabled the potential technological improvements to be identified, to make it as efficient, available and scalable as possible.

Tera 100: Europe’s first supercomputer to break the Petaflops barrier

• European Number One, with a performance of 1.05 Petaflops
• One of the most efficient supercomputer in its category, with proven efficiency of almost 84% according to the LINPACK benchmark
• A general-purpose supercomputer, designed to run the CEA-DAM’s Simulation program 24 hours a day
Tera 100 has officially broken the Petaflops barrier, by recording a performance of 1.05 Petaflops in the LINPACK benchmark test, for a peak performance of 1.25 Petaflops. This performance means it ranked as the most powerful supercomputer in Europe, and as the 6th in the world, in the TOP 500 listing published in mid-November 2010 - and still number 1 in Europe in the June 2011 TOP 500 listing! Its 83.7% efficiency rating, one of the highest among all the supercomputers in its class, and its performance clearly demonstrate the quality of the design work carried out by the teams from Bull and CEA-DAM (the Military Applications Division of the French Alternative Energies and Atomi

An Optimized, consistent and scalable storage infrastructure

Due to diverse activities (nuclear energy, life sciences, material sciences, climate and environment study, technological research and education), the French Atomic Agency is facing growing storage requirements related to increased data processing and information management needs. In order to provide coherent and efficient storage solutions for its 10 centres and 20 partners, the CEA and Bull carried out a complete reassessment of its storage infrastructure establishing a consistent SAN/NAS architecture based on NetApp technology - easy to administer, scalable and supporting multiple protocols. The new infrastructure offers the CEA a nationwide perspective and improved cost control. Bull's expertise in heterogeneous system management, the contribution of the Bull StoreWay Excellence Center and the strong partnership with NetApp have enabled the successful migration to new technologies, the integration of Microsoft Exchange and VMware, the implementation of both Backup & Data Recovery

CEGID, toward private Cloud with Bull

Bull has supported Cegid, the leading French business software publisher, in its evolution towards SaaS model providing all the consulting expertise and technical know-how.

Certinomis, the French certification authority, calls on Bull to help secure its business activities

Certinomis is a Certification Authority and uses its full range of skills to support businesses, financial institutions and public sector organizations; offering them a full range of digital certificates. To respond to the demands of a market that is undergoing radical restructuring, Certinomis wanted to rework its production system. Bull met these expectations by putting forward a hosted solution based on MetaPKI, its digital certificate management software, fully integrated with Bull TrustWayTM encryption.

The Mantes Hospital center is virtualizing its business critical apllications with bullion

The François Quesnay Hospital Center has renewed its IT infrastructure to secure its information system and meet the growing needs in the computerization of services. Bull provided a comprehensive solution based on bullion servers to virtualize and secure x86 applications in two active/active sites. At the same time, Bull managed the evolution of the storage infrastructure towards a solution distributed on two sites with replicated EMC storage bays.

Bull supports IT transformation at La Réunion University Hospital

The thriving public health establishment on the French island of La Réunion turned to Bull to equip itself with an IT infrastructure capable of helping it to meet its strategic objective, and has chosen Bull Escala servers to run its critical applications as well as NovaScale racks for the consolidation and virtualization of its IT infrastructure.

Bull modernizes CNAF’s core business applications

The Caisse Nationale d’Allocations Familiales (CNAF) – the family branch of the French social security system, which provided some €69 billion of benefits to 11 million claimants in 2009 – has turned to Bull to migrate its Interel-RFM2 database running under gcos8 to PostgreSQL. The decision is a reaffirmation of CNAF’s commitment to move towards Open Source solutions. As a result of this, every month PostgreSQL is involved in the payment of €3 billion in benefits. The project, which is now fully up and running, is an integral part of the program to transform the information systems of this highly sensitive organization, which will soon have to bring on board new initiatives such as the RSA. The migration project started in October 2008, following a feasibility study carried out by Bull and a prototype built in collaboration with CNAF’s teams. An extensive testing phase established a sound basis for the implementation, which took place over the nine months to April 2010.

Bull supports CNIM for over a decade as its information system evolves

CNIM (the Mediterranean Naval and Industrial Construction company) is a major French group operating on an international scale, whose business is to design and deliver turnkey industrial installations with significant technological content. In order to grow its business, the group depends on its strong core values, such as creativity, commitment and responsiveness. CNIM’s information system reflects those values. Thanks to its agility, it has been able to fit in with the group’s acquisitions policy, especially over the past decade. Because it is flexible, it has constantly adapted to keep pace with the group’s projects, some of them valued at several billion euros. And its responsiveness meets the needs of an international engineering firm that manages over 60 Terabytes of technical data.Bull has contributed to the evolution of this information system by cultivating a strong partnership with CNIM and making a long-term commitment to work alongside this multi-faceted group.

Bull outsources the ERP of CNRS, the first European research organization

The CNRS, the first European research organization wanted to modernize its main IT applications. A consortium, including Bull, has been chosen to build the technical architecture and take care of progressive and corrective maintenance, as well as outsource, the two Escala systems, based on SAP.

CG 76 entrusts Bull to build its Citizen CRM

When you’re one of the biggest départements in France in terms of population, continually maximizing the service you offer to your citizens is more than a priority. It’s both an obligation and an opportunity to further improve the quality of your interactions with them and the professional way in which each matter is handled. The challenge? To implement personalized tools from the world of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), to boost the management of relations with citizens. That’s just what the general council for the Seine Maritime (CG 76)has done, with Bull’s help. The big innovation? Adapting advanced CRM solutions to build personalized services for citizens, linked to all the council’s services and social welfare applications. The result? A personal area for each citizen or businessperson, where they can interact with the council, manage and track their welfare requests, and contribute to the community’s development.

A new infrastructure to help the Calvados Council face new challenges

The IT Department at CG14 defined a new masterplan for its information systems and has selected Bull to build an infrastructure and secure technical platform capable of supporting the levels of service demanded by professional users and also sufficiently scaleable to host future projects.

Keeping watch over Europe’s electricity networks

Three of Europe’s main TCOs (RTE in France, Elia in Belgium and the UK’s National Grid) joined forces to take equal shares in a new enterprise, known as Coreso. Its aim was precisely to provide its shareholder-customers with global information about the security of the transmission networks in Central Western Europe, 24×7. To do its job of analyzing, providing information and advising its members, Coreso has put together a 15-strong team of experts and equipped itself with state-of-the-art information system.Bull was chosen to deliver this outsourcing service, which is unusual in the range of technical skills it requires. In effect, it involves guaranteeing not only the high availability of the industrial hardware located at Lomme, but also the confidentiality of the mission-critical information being exchanged between Coreso and the TCOs, as well as highly responsive on-site desktop maintenance.

Bull helps Coreso keep watch over Europe’s electricity distribution grids

European joint venture shows its continued confidence in Bull, with a new renewable 36-month outsourcing contract. Bull will provide all the necessary skills to support Coreso’s mission-critical information system, which is supervised and administered from Bull’s main data center near Angers in France, by experts in high availability.

UNIVERSITY OF COVENTRY: Hybrid storage for the University of Coventry

Working alongside systems provider and partner, EMC, Bull has beaten off strong competition to win a major new contract to deliver a hybrid managed storage solution to Coventry University. Bull will be responsible for consultancy, design, implementation and on-going management of the system. The new approach will offer greater flexibility and a significant increase in capacity over the University’s existing solution, which is no longer scalable enough to support its strategic targets or need to meet stringent operational compliance and governance requirements.

CREDIT AGRICOLE in Belgium chooses integrated storage and Escala server solutions from Bull

Faced with an urgent need for more servers and storage, Crédit Agricole in Belgium was won over by Bull’s responsiveness and the quality of its hardware and services offerings.

Ile-de-France Regional Council uses Open Source with Bull to enable flexible rationalization

Ways of using public services are changing fast, The largest Regional Council in France, the Ile-De-France Council wanted to be ready to meet rapidly the needs of new reforms like the RGPP1. For that, the organization has embarked on some major programs to make its Information Systems more agile and powerful, leveraging Open Source as a way of reducing the life cycle of projects, making savings in the very short term but also guaranteing transparency and, above all, responsiveness, to rapidly control the way the projects evolve depending on changing needs. To enable these actions, the Council has chosen to use Bull’s NovaForge platform for several of its software developments… Today more than 25 PHP, J2EE or Java projects are hosted on NovaForge. The objective is to gradually extend the use of this tool across the whole organization, so the Council can use it to host the Ile de France Regional Council’s application base.

CSC deploys an energy-efficient Bull supercomputer

CSC- IT Center for Science is deploying a highly energy-efficient supercomputer. The system is built by Bull and co-funded by the European PRACE project. It will be installed in CSC's datacenter in Kajaani. CSC will use the system in collaboration with Finnish researchers and the PRACE community to leverage the latest processing technologies from Intel and Nvidia. These new technologies promise significant improvements in cost-effectiveness and energy-efficiency compared to traditional processors.

Dassault Aviation: a world first in secured industrial design

The Falcon 7X business jet from Dassault Aviation was designed using a virtual platform secured by Bull. Around 1,000 engineers from 20 partners in six countries from Western Europe and North America worked together remotely on the detailed design of the aircraft. Dassault Aviation aeronautical designer and manufacturer had total and permanent visibility of the data: availability and sharing of data enabled the Falcon 7X to be developed on schedule and with a record level of quality and productivity improvement. “This platform was only possible with an infrastructure based on trust” said Jean-Paul Weber, Chief Security Officer at Dassault Aviation. “The Bull offering demonstrated its effectiveness during intensive intrusion tests.” The system is based on a dual security level – powerful user authentication and VPN network security – a solution that guarantees optimum security of the architecture.

Dassault Aviation: an innovative approach to software maintenance and support

In order to optimize software maintenance and support, and the impact these were having on costs, Dassault Aviation has selected Bull to implement an innovative service based on commitment to results, and a mechanism that enables both parties to share in the rewards.

DCNS takes an industrial approach to developing on-board systems software with Bull

DCNS is a leading European player on the world market for naval defense systems. The Group designs, builds and supports surface combatants, submarines and mission-critical systems and equipment incorporating the most advanced technologies. On the strength of its work on the NovaForge collaborative development platform, based on Open Source, Bull has been responsible for software engineering services (modeling, tooling...) for DCNS since 2006. From a very early stage, Bull has supported the GEMO (GEneric and MOdular) open architecture developed by DCNS for its new-generation Combat Management System. Bull's investments in this innovative architecture has helped it to rapidly win a growing amount of business working on DNCS' large-scale programs such as the new-generation strategic nuclear ballistic missile submarine 'Le Terrible' and its FREMM multi-purpose frigates.

Deutsche Bahn controls 1 million user accounts to align security and business processes

Deutsche Bahn, one of Europe’s principal transport operators, has decided to implement an identity management system, to ensure full control over the access that its 60,000 users have to some 800 business applications. Having carried out a comprehensive assessment of the available solutions, the operator chose the solution from Bull Evidian, European leader in Identity and Access Management (IAM). Evidian’s main advantage was its user-centered approach, analyzing and controlling access to a million user accounts at Deutsche Bahn in line with business processes. As a result, the company will be able to strengthen its internal control procedures, and carry out continual audits to ensure that only authorized users have access to its strategic applications. Another guarantee of excellence for Deutsche Bahn.

The DIMAP calls on Bull to help implement a new approach to on-line public service delivery

As part of its role to modernize the way that the French State operates and is managed, the State Modernization Agency, the DIMAP (Direction interministérielle pour la modernisation de l’action publique) has chosen Bull to develop a new 'factory' for the creation and optimization of new approaches to on-line services. Putting government services on line involves implementing a generic platform which takes into account the constant evolution of on-line services offerings and responds to extremely demanding constraints in terms of timescales, security and costs. Bull and its partners have been chosen to define the functionality of the 'on-line services factory' which will guarantee this kind of agility. The 'factory' will consist of five functional areas: dialogue and recording of requests, submission of requests, monitoring of requests, supervision and administration. It will enable new computerized services to be automatically designed, formalized and put on line.

DKRZ chooses Bull for its first Pflops-scale supercomputer and for cooperation on climate research

The German computing center for climate research DKRZ (Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum) and Bull have signed a contract for the delivery of a petaflops-scale supercomputer, as well as cooperation on climate research simulation. The contract worth 26 million euro covers the delivery of all the key computing and storage components of the new system.

High Performance Computing plays its role in the fight against cancer

New techniques for calculating planned radiation doses delivered in the course of external radiotherapy cancer treatments bring a tremendous increase in precision. However a large amount of compute power is needed to achieve enough precision in an acceptable calculation time for clinical application. This is precisely the issue addressed by Bull’s HPC Centre of Expertise, which studied the problem and delivered a supercomputer adapted to the task in hand. Since it would be impractical for every radiotherapy center to install this kind of computer, it was decided to set up a service that can be supplied on demand to hospitals.

The Dresden University of Technology orders a Bull petaflops-scale supercomputer

Once the two phases of its installation are completed in 2013/14, the new supercomputer, which represents an investment of about 15 million Euros, will benefit the whole research community in Saxony. The Excellence University and the European high tech company also signed a cooperation agreement for the development of software solutions for the measurement and optimization of energy efficiency in high performance computing systems.

e-merchant: objective100% availability for e-commerce

Part of the Fotovista group which is active in more than 26 countries, e-merchant provides a complete e-commerce platform for numerous brands including Pixmania, Bouygues Telecom, PC World and Dixons. The major Business requirement was to provide a 100% available e-commerce platform with Business Continuity provision. Moreover, the storage infrastructure needed to be able to handle peak capacity and performance loads, as well as to host new e-Business sites. Bull delivered an innovative solution based on NetApp FAS6000 storage using MetroCluster, with data replication between primary and backup data centers, more than 40 km distant. The Disaster Recovery solution guarantees real-time replication of critical data and 100% availability to date.

Bull secure EADS Astrium

EADS Astrium is the European specialist in space transport and orbital infrastructures. It designs, develops and produces Ariane rockets, the Columbus laboratory and the ATV cargo for the international space station, atmospheric return vehicles, French defence missiles, propulsion systems and space equipment. In order to safeguard its sensitive information systems, EADS Astrium was looking to create a total user management and access control infrastructure. Bull Evidian security software has been deployed in order to facilitate management, authentication, access control, SSO and audit.

EADS Astrium, 1rst provider of space technologies in Europe launches a deployment with Evidian

Astrium (a subsidiary of EADS) is Europe’s #1 provider of space technologies and the worldwide #3. EADS Astrium deployed Evidian Enterprise SSO internally, along with Evidian’s provisioning system. On user’s stations, Evidian’s software provides single sign-on access to client/server and web applications, while Evidian User Provisioning automates account creation, management and removal. In addition, two secure web portals were established, based on Evidian’s Web Access Manager. With the first portal, partners access web resources with client-less SSO. The second portal is designed for EADS Astrium employees. After an exhaustive market study, Evidian was chosen for its ability to provide all needed features within a coherent, integrated environment.

EDF chooses Bull to help it get more from its SAP data, using SAS.

The Electricité de France (EDF) Group has chosen Bull to build a highly powerful business intelligence (BI) infrastructure. The SAS solution was chosen because it allows access to detailed data for data mining purposes, even when very large volumes of data are involved. The hardware architecture is based around one Bull Escala server for customer relationship management (CRM) and billing activities running on SAP and Oracle, and a second Bull Escala server for SAS BI. .

Erste Bank: Reducing cost and increasing service levels through virtualisation

Erste Bank needed to reduce costs and improve the manageability of its IT infrastructure through the consolidation of 300 Intel servers. There was also a requirement to improve Business Continuity. Bull first delivered a pilot system using VMware and EMC CLARiiON storage then managed the full deployment of the solution based on 500 virtual servers that ensure 99.99% availability of applications.

EUROCONTROL awards 43 million euro contract to consortium led by Bull

EUROCONTROL, the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation, has awarded a multi-year contract for the development and testing of business critical applications to a consortium led by Bull. Besides the development and testing, Bull will be leading a strategic transformation office helping EUROCONTROL transition its sourcing strategy. The total contract value is 43 million euro spread over the next five years, with a possible prolongation of another two years.

The European Union adopts globull™

The General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union (GSC EU) has acquired globull devices – the encryption-protected mobile office designed and developed by Bull – with the aim of equipping its diplomatic staff. The GSC EU’s 3,500 officers often need to travel and take with them highly confidential documents. For a number of years now, as part of its NOMAD project, the GSC EU has been looking for a reliable, easy-to-use solution that combines security and mobility. globull, with its defense-standard technologies, carefully-designed ergonomics and smart look & feel, has won over the INFOSEC experts at the General Secretariat. After rigorous testing, configuration and trialing program, globull was officially presented to the 27 member States of the EU.

Bull provides supercomputing power to European research into nuclear fusion

Thanks to the Bull supercomputer for the Jülich Research Center, research into nuclear fusion has access to European computer simulation resources for the first time. The Bull HPC-FF supercomputer with 100 Teraflops-capacity hosts applications for the European Union Fusion community. Alongside the Bull JuRoPA supercomputer ordered in 2008, it forms an integrated computing platform delivering more than 300 Teraflops of processing power, taking a lead-position among Europe's supercomputers. HPC-FF will help speed up research into nuclear fusion, and put Europe in the lead when it comes to providing scientific support to the ITER project.

The Forschungszentrum Jülich chooses Bull to deliver a 200-Tflops supercomputer for JuRoPa

The Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany's leading HPC center and the instigator of the JuRoPa project, aimed at accelerating the development of high performance cluster computing in Europe, has acquired from Bull a supercomputer with a performance of 200 Teraflops, deployed in 2009 and integrated within the Jülich's datacenter network. The JUROPA project (which stands for "Jülich Research on Petaflops Architectures") was set up by the Forschungszentrum Jülich to investigate emerging cluster technologies and achieve a new class of cost-efficient supercomputers for peta-scale computing.

Data Protection of emails and critical SAP applications for Freudenberg IT

Freudenberg IT has selected Bull to protect diverse Windows environment from PC-based office files and email management to mission-critical SAP applications. The Bull solution protects 80 TB of data generated by 400 PCs and 200 Microsoft Windows servers running Exchange, SQL Server and SAP applications. The data protection solution is based on StoreWay Calypso, powered by CommVault Simpana.

CURIE speeds up European research

GENCI's CURIE supercomputer - designed by Bull - opens up unprecedented new possibilities for academic and industrial research in Europe. The equivalent of reading two billion books in just one second: that's the level of performance which the CURIE supercomputer - designed by Bull for GENCI (the French National High-Performance Computing Organization) and now being made available research purposes - is capable of. Over the past two decades, supercomputers have become essential tools for researchers, helping them to model and simulate complex phenomena, in ever more detail, in a way that traditional experimentation could never achieve. The greater the performance and capacity of supercomputers, the more precise and realistic the computer models and simulations become. CURIE - which is capable of up to 2 Petaflop/s - consists of more than 92,000 processing cores, linked to a system that can store 15 Petabytes at a speed of 250Gbit/s.

GIP-MDS: Bull supports growth at GIP-MDS through flexible outsourcing

The French government body that enables companies to submit their social security declarations on line (GIP-MDS) has awarded Bull the contract to host and run its information system. Thanks to the flexibility of its outsourcing offerings, Bull will be well placed to support huge seasonal variations in workload, as well as the long-term evolution of the system.

Inwi chooses Bull to manage its customer relationship

When you’re a new player that wants to establish itself from nothing in a market that may be growing, but is also occupied by well-established major incumbents, the key to success depends on one golden rule:innovating and winning through exceptional customer relations. Inwi, the new Moroccan telecoms operator launched in 2006, has done just that. The challenge? To build an attractive and profitable alternative to the existing operators, from the ground up. The secret? An innovative and flexible information system, totally designed and built by Bull. With special attention paid to CRM, giving Inwi a global vision of the customer throughout the sales chain, from point-of-sale through call centers to billing. The result? One million subscribers in just 6 months, in 2007, followed by rapid growth expanding gradually across all segments:fixed, mobile, Internet and business solutions.

A Bull supercomputer for the new Czech national Center of Excellence IT4Innovations

The VSB-Technical University of Ostrava and Bull signed a contract for the supply of a bullx supercomputer, which represents the first step in the creation of the Ostrava-based national supercomputing center. The system, code-named "small cluster", will be delivered at the end of March 2013 and will be available for production starting in May. With this system, Czech science and industry will have at their disposal a machine with a theoretical peak performance of 82.54 TFLOPS. It will help advance development in areas such as nanotechnology, engineering and the transportation industry.

Bull, CEA, F4E and JAEA inaugurate the Helios supercomputer dedicated to the Nuclear Fusion program

The supercomputer, installed in Rokkasho (Japan) and delivering over 1.5 Petaflops, will provide the computer modeling and simulation capabilities needed for the 'Broader Approach' program, linked to the ITER initiative. The Helios supercomputer is the third Petascale supercomputer designed and developed by Bull to go into operational production in the past 18 months. In April 2011, the CEA (the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission), acting on behalf of F4E (Fusion For Energy), chose Bull to equip the new data center being built at Rokkasho in Japan, under the auspices of the International Fusion Energy Research Center (IFERC). The data center is one of the key components of the 'Broader Approach'; a research program designed to complement ITER and launched in November 2006 as part of a cooperation between Japan and Europe.

ITESOFT uses bullion servers from Bull to virtualize its critical applications

When it came to updating its IT infrastructure, ITESOFT – a global leader in automated document processing software – has used bullion™ servers from Bull to take full advantage of the benefits of virtualization: increased processing power, resource sharing, greater flexibility and lower costs.

La Poste relies on Bull to modernize, consolidate and secure its IT production sites

The French Post Office (La Poste) has entrusted Bull with the relocation and hosting of its server network on eight production sites on two Bull industrial, highly secure sites. The project includes 1,733 servers and 870 network installations hosted in 500 racks. Bull's know-how when it comes to data center 'urbanization' has enabled the Group to provide the entire package of system engineering, processes, tools and project management, with a strong emphasis on risk management.

bullion helping to protect human rights and freedoms

"Le Défenseur des droits" – France’s Human rights Ombudsman – has chosen bullion™, Bull’s new-generation of servers dedicated to critical application virtualization. Coupled with a VMware vSphere® hypervisor, bullion has enabled the IT infrastructure to consolidate and optimize the infrastructure by reducing the number of servers and optimizing resource utilization; delivering a major increase in computing power.

LUMC, institute specialized in complex diseases

LUMC, one of the leading university and research hospitals in The Netherlands, relies on Bull to design a future-ready storage environment The Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum (LUMC) is a center for medical innovation striving to improve patient care through Research and development. The objective is to educate medical staff at all levels, both specialists and general practicioners to contribute towards this goal. LUMC differentiates itself as a leading institute for complex medical cases where there are no standard answers. Concise, manageable, expandable and secure storage is one of the key factors to support the researchers and specialists in their constant quest to find the right cure for a constant flow of new and exotic illnesses and diseases. Bull was chosen to design and implement this business-critical storage environment based on Bull’s professional capabilities, vision and proven track record.

LUMC: Big Data for DNA Sequencing

Unravelling the human DNA is a compute and data intensive matter. Every human being has about three million DNA sequences, all of which need to be uncovered, verified and processed. For this research, speed is of the essence and fast I/O is crucial in attaining the required results in an adequate timeframe. The Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum (LUMC) retained Bull to help design a Big Data storage environment that could meet these needs and requirements. Bull and LUMC deployed the Isilon cluster, which consists of four 72NL-series nodes. This configuration allows LUMC to address almost 200TB of net storage capacity. The complete environment is managed by OneFS, Isilon’s integrated management suite. The biggest benefit of the Isilon storage system for LUMC is that its research department now features a storage environment that fully adheres to the needs and requirements of DNA research.

Mauser is migrating its databases to the Bull Escala servers

The Mauser group was able to record positive ROI from the very first year, as it migrated its HP-UX databases to a Bull Escala™ server equipped with a quad-core Power 7 processor.

Mauser: Open heart surgery

Databases are at the very heart of every organization’s IT infrastructure. In order to secure its systems toward durable platforms, the Mauser group, one of the world’s leading companies in the industrial packaging sector, choose to migrate its HP-UX databases to a Bull Escala™ server equipped with a quad-core Power 7 processor. Migrating to a new platform does not have to be a painful process, and can lead to rapid ROI: as Bull has clearly demonstrated on numerous projects for its customers. Thus Mauer has been able to record positive ROI from the very first year, as it migrated its HP-UX databases to a Bull Escala™ server equipped with a quad-core Power 7 processor.

Bull supports Media Regie Europe for these advanced M2M systems

Media Regie Europe entrusts Bull to manage its new intelligent digital promotional spaces for metro and mainline stations in Paris. These advanced M2M systems are controlled by a solution that Bull developed and customized for the project. It guarantees high levels of billboard availability, automatically diagnoses the vast majority of faults remotely, and makes it easy to carry out software updates across these new-generation digital advertising screens. The result? An installed base of almost 1,000 highly reliable screens in stations, that have added a whole new and profi¬table driver for growth to MRE’s already very rich range of digital offerings (cinema advertising in 3D with Mediavision, digital ads posted on Velib spaces, etc.).

French weather forecasting agency orders from Bull its new supercomputers: 5 Pflops by 2016

French weather forecasting agency Météo-France placed a €30.5 M order for Bull’s new-generation supercomputers to deliver total peak power in excess of 5 Petaflops by 2016. bullx supercomputers will be used for weather forecasting and climate research. Featuring a highly innovative liquid cooling system, the bullx B700 DLC supercomputers chosen by Météo-France will have a very limited carbon footprint. The supercomputers will be installed at Météo-France’s site in Toulouse from the first quarter of 2013 onwards, and then at the Espace Clément Ader in Autumn 2013. Equipped with an innovative, high-performance cooling system and the latest generation of Intel® Xeon® processors, the bullx supercomputers will initially deliver processing power of around 1 Petaflops (in 2013-2014), with a total performance of over 5 Petaflops due to be available by 2016.

POLAND MINISTRY OF FINANCE: Bull Poland won the biggest maintenance deal for Ministry of Finance

Bull Poland has won another maintenance contract for the Polish Ministry of Finance. Based on the new agreement, Bull Poland will provide maintenance and support for over 200 Unix servers (Bull, SUN, Fujitsu), EMC storage and over 400 Intel-based servers (IBM, HP, Dell). The four-year deal is worth some €1.8 million.

Let's "moov" the mobile

Moov is a subsidiary of the Etisalat UAE, Atlantic Telecom and operates in Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Niger, Central African Republic and Togo. To centralize and standardize its IT infrastructure to increase robustness, availability and performance, the Group relied on Bull to build its new IT infrastructure based on Escala and EMC storage solutions.

Mutualité Sociale Agricole (MSA) chooses Bull to supply the majority of its IT infrastructure.

MSA has used Bull Escala large-scale servers for its main production applications running under AIX for a number of years. MSA made the decision to work with Bull not only on its Escala AIX servers, but also its bullion servers and data storage solutions across all six of its production centers.

A large investment bank secures its trading desks

Natixis’ 750 traders buy and sell a large amount of financial instruments to support the bank’s corporate and investment banking, investment activity and specialized financial services. As trading is a core strategic process, Natixis closely supervises traders with internal controls. Through Evidian’s integration with Hitachi’s VeinID finger vein authentication, traders authenticate without carrying any devices. This gives them flexibility and fast access to the stations in their trading desk. And with Evidian’s single sign-on, assistants and traders do not need to enter any application password, enhancing productivity. Still, by analyzing suspicions of fraud in other banks, Natixis realized that authentication was a weak link in the control chain. Evidian was selected for its Authentication Manager and Enterprise SSO software. The combined solution was the most satisfactory in terms of reliability, features and regulatory compliance.

NSIA uses its infrastructure to support its strategy

Pioneering African bank-assurer NSIA turns to Bull to support its growth strategy. The need to constantly optimize its infrastructures means the group has opted for a virtualized infrastructure and put in place a comprehensive business continuity/disaster recovery plan. And it turned to Bull to deliver the totally integrated solution, consisting of three Bull NovaScale™ (R480 F2) servers, Microsoft Hyper V and EMC for storage.

High-end storage at nWave Digital

russels based nWave Digital has just installed an EMC Isilon storage system, distributed by Bull, in response to the growing needs of its designers and graphics artists for storage capacity. In nWave Digital’s case, the ‘render farm’ – the collection of virtual servers that provides the designers with the processing power they need to create, simulate and assemble each frame of the movie – is teamed with a highly specific and rigorous file storage system.

NWAVE: High-end storage at nWave Digital

nWave Digital is a Belgian company specializing in stereoscopic films.Inevitably, creating 3D and 4D films requires state-of-the-art computing resources. In order to remplace their ancient system, nWave were looking for a new supplier they could totally trust, who is flexible and financially realistic. nWave Digital chose the Isilon storage platform from EMC.The solution involves a powerful cluster system based around six X200 nodes – 11 TB HDD and 200 GB SSD, 24 GB of RAM, for a total estimate capacity of 60.4 TB.“With Isilon, nWave Digital now has a flexible storage system with the necessary processing power, performance and high speeds,” adds Geert Van Peteghem, Belux Country Manager at EMC. “What’s more, Bull’s expertise guarantees that nWave Digital has a solution that totally meets its needs.”

Bull wins over L’Occitane

To support its international expansion, cosmetics company L’Occitane has turned to Bull to host and operate its business-critical systems. In addition to that, L’Occitane was looking to replace its existing ERP package with SAP. So it was essential to the long-term lifetime of the new system that its future operator had all the necessary skills.

A safe harbour for virtualization in Tunisia

Bull has helped Tunisia’s Merchant Navy and Ports Office (OMMP) to successfully centralize, consolidate and modernize its IT infrastructures, thanks in large part to virtualization. Bull brought together all the necessary expertise and skills at a local level, to build and implement this new virtualized architecture, including all its components, from servers to storage and networks.

Mobile communications take off with Bull and OnAir

Whether for business or personal reasons, being able to make phone calls and connect to the Internet while you are on a plane is something many passengers really want. Thanks to OnAir, this is now possible on over 10,000 flights a month to 280 destinations, in more than 70 countries. Set up in 2005 by SITA, the specialist in telecommunications for the global aviation sector, and the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus, OnAir has developed an in-flight system for mobile phone calls via satellite. With Bull’s help, what was originally an enticing idea has now become a flexible and robust commercial proposition which has already won over many prestigious airlines.

Bull signs BOA with NATO NC3A

Bull has signed a Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) with NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency (NC3A). Under the BOA, Bull is entitled to compete on bids that NATO issues within the range of products and services that Bull focusses on. Bull helps leading players build the new defense technologies of tomorrow.

PaperlinX relies on Bull to standardize and centralize its complete IT infrastructure

By outsourcing its IT to Bull, PaperlinX wanted to reduce costs, raise its service levels and focus on its core activities. Within the contract, Bull is responsible for the datacenter operations of PaperlinX, as well as the desktop management and helpdesk activities for 4500 users. The virtualized servers are to be housed in Bull's newly opened datacenter in Barnsley, UK. The entire infrastructure is backed up to a second datacenter in the Netherlands.

Global leader secures all its international sites end to end

PAREXEL, the world leader in pharmaceutical tests, manages medical data on thousands of voluntary subjects, on behalf of the biggest manufacturers in the sector. Its security requirements are, therefore, very high including very cumbersome manual identification procedures, with hundreds of applications and resources. So, PAREXEL decided to simplify and reinforce the security of access to its applications. All the passwords would be replaced with smartcard and proximity-detector-based single sign-on (SSO), which would guarantee both logical and physical security, simply. After investigating leading suppliers in the market, PAREXEL chose Evidian’s IAM Suite solution. A pilot installation enabled PAREXEL to successfully test the software on a significant sample of the company’s 600 systems and 300 applications. Evidian’s authentication system is a critical link in this chain of confidence which was integrated in a non-intrusive manner into a directory environment with several domains.

Bull supplies a new supercomputer for Petrobras

Petrobras is the leader in the Brazilian petrochemical sector. It operates in the sectors of exploration and production, refining, commerce, transport and distribution of petrochemical products, natural gas, bio-fuel and other renewable energy sources, and ambitions to be among the five biggest integrated energy companies in the world by 2020. CENPES, its Research and Development Centre, has chosen a bullx supercomputer equiped with GPU accelerator technology to develop its of new subsurface imaging techniques using geophysical methods to support oil exploration and production. This supercomputer, with over 250 Teraflops of computing power, will be one of the largest and most powerful computers in Latin America.

PGNiG gets closer to its customers thank to Bull

In 2007, following the liberalization of the country’s energy market, PGNiG (Polskie Gornictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo), the largest Polish oil and gas company, was looking for a partner whose know-how and technology would enable it to implement a new communications strategy and Internet-based customer service mechanisms, in very short timescales. AMG.net (Bull subsidiary) was chosen to be that partner. AMG.net provided both its portal technology and many years of experience and expertise, based on designing mass-market customer services systems for large companies, including TPSA, the country’s biggest operator). It's a first-rate IT project meeting PGNiG’s high standards for data security and systems integration.

Bull integrates the new commercial system for Phil@poste: the first stage in its IS overhaul.

To encourage the implementation of best practice and ensure optimum control, Phil@poste – part of the French Post Office's mail division – has chosen bull to integrate its new commercial management system. The new, unified system is based on InforLN ERP software, as well as I-flow for workflow management and Cognos for operational reporting.

Bull: playing a vital role in the French employment office's information systems

Created at the end of 2008, Pole emploi is the new body responsible for employment in France. Bull is playing a key role in this vast transformation project, participating in six separate programs of work. Bull is directly involved in open systems engineering projects and methodologies for developing Java and Cobol frameworks, which will be central to the business applications of the future. Bull is also involved in several large-scale BI projects, including SID (the new BI system), datamining, finance and fraud prevention. As Daniel Urbani, Deputy Managing Director of Information Systems at Pôle Emploi explains: “Bull’s responsiveness and its ability to understand our needs are real advantages given the transformation that has to be achieved.”The teams involved at Bull are organized into ‘service centers’, so appropriate resources can be mobilized wherever they are needed, while sharing the same project vision. They are all using Bull's NovaForge™ software development platform.

Bull helps Pôle emploi to unify Information Systems

Set up in 2008, as the result of a merger between two very different entities with distinct roles and cultures – and aims to offer a unified service, extremely rapidly – the first concern of Pôle Emploi was to integrate heterogeneous information systems. The challenge? To unify several application ecosystems that don’t normally interact, and ensure that all your applications and those of your partners (including government ministries and banks) can successfully interact around a single shared platform. That’s what the French government employment service Pôle Emploi has done, entrusting Bull with its strategic project, Phebus. The secret? An inter-application bus combining high performance and extreme scalability. The result? Unified and optimized applications, capable of handling high-volumes of messaging traffic (several hundred million messages a day), for greater operational efficiency.

Bull supports Radio France in its all-digital strategy

In an age when the dissemination of information is undergoing radical transformation, with Bull’s help Radio France is rethinking one of the core elements of its digital strategy: its communications infrastructure. As digital technology becomes more widespread, the way radio is used changes, and new demands are being placed on the business, updating the network is an integral part of a massive program, designed to deliver high levels of added value, at the core of Radio France’s business.

New generation network data center for Radio France

With Bull’s help Radio France is rethinking one of the core elements of its digital strategy: its communications infrastructure. Only a truly unified infrastructure, incorporating all information flows – no matter whether their content is digital-based or broadcast – can respond to this need for convergence by guaranteeing power, security, consistency and scalability. Radio France has awarded Bull the overall engineering contract for this integration and migration project, including the total overhaul of the Lan network architecture. As a partner from the first stage of Radio France’s digitalization – with the implementation of a dedicated computing network – bull has worked with the customer over a number of years to support its business transformation.

Randstad relies on Bull to secure and hosts its information systems

Randstad France, a major player in the human resources sector, relies on Bull to host its production information system along with its Web servers. Vedior's objective was to to secure and make reliable a highly scalable infrastructure that must deliver high levels of service continuity with absolute confidentiality, while rationalizing IT costs.

Languedoc Roussillon Regional Council calls on Bull to modernize its information system

The Languedoc Roussillon Regional Council is relying on an ambitious IT masterplan to build a reliable information system that delivers significant added value. The system will not only have to meet business needs, but also reflect the global action strategy set out in the ‘Regional Pact.Whether they are designed to support the local population directly or to contribute to the development of innovative business practices within the regional authority, the projects that Bull is carrying out will all contribute significantly to meeting the Region’s objectives: Bull has designed, developed and is responsible for the continued evolution of ‘@gile’, a portal that provides a single interface between high-schools and the Regional Council. Bull was responsible for leading and delivering the SIGEP project: a Business Intelligence system designed to evaluate public services actions and to respond to the needs expressed by the various functions within the Council.

RICOH: Information: at the heart of Ricoh’s business

In the market for document management services, Ricoh is interested in how organizations gather knowledge, as well as how they can process information more efficiently and manage their business exchanges. Ricoh has successfully evolves and become one of today’s leaders in the global document management industry. Bull has helped Ricoh Industrie France SAS to define and implement a new architecture, including building a centralized storage platform, and replacing and migrating production servers to virtual environments combined with the use of automated replication functionality to a remote site. The infrastructure is based on Bull novascale™ R460 servers, with their high levels of scalability, as well as an EMC storage bay and VMware virtualization technologies. In the end, almost 30 servers have undergone ‘Virtual to Virtual’ or ‘Physical to Virtual’ migrations to the new storage architecture, and integrated into the business continuity plan.

sanofi-aventis selects Bull Evidian to secure its workstations

A global pharmaceutical group, sanofi-aventis is mainly involved in pharmacy, human vaccines and animal health. The company is subject to strict requirements in terms of security, confidentiality and data integrity. The 15,000 research and development employees of sanofi-aventis must therefore individually authenticate to a large number of applications. The Group launched an evaluation of the world’s leading providers of authentication management and SSO. The criteria: the solution must be easy to install and deploy, and be able to integrate a large variety of applications, online medical databases, document management, internal Windows and Unix applications and terminal emulation. After live tests, sanofi-aventis selected Bull Evidian.

SARA selects Bull for delivery of new petascale national Dutch supercomputer

SARA provides in the Netherlands an integrated national ICT research infrastructure including expertise, services and support in the field of high performance computing. The new system, which will be operational in the first half of 2013, replaces the current IBM system Huygens at SARA. Bull was selected as supplier of the new supercomputer by means of a European tender procedure. The main criteria for the selection of the new system were a performance benchmark with key user applications, efficient energy utilization and cooling, a user-friendly environment and opportunities for flexible, on-demand growth.

Schmidt + Clemens virtualizes its workstations with bullion

A worldwide leader in centrifugal casting, Schmidt + Clemens is virtualizing its workstations to ease the hosting of centralized applications. PCs are virtualized through VMware View on two bullion servers, then they are integrated as thin clients. The company is thus able to rationalize its processes.

SGMAP chooses Bull to implement an exchange platform

The digital world offers something unique: it puts each of us just 1 click away from everyone we need to be in contact with. This is the target the Direction Générale de la Modernisation de l’Action Publique has set itself, with the aim of creating a secure exchange platform between all the French administration services. The challenge? Create a foundation communication platform to uphold MonservicePublic.fr, the one-stop government service hub, and to enable all public organization and state partner information systems to interoperate seamlessly. The secret? The Exchange and Trust Platform developed by Bull, combining synchronous and asynchronous ESBs, interfaces with all business services and high security solutions. The result? Hundreds of thousands of secure messages are already being handled each month, with 150 million messages a year predicted by 2015. With state-of-the-art security, designed to meet the specific challenges of each type of business procedure.

Bull provides infrastructure and back office solutions to Sibelga

Bull provided to Sibelga, distributer of electricity and natural gas to the 19 municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region, its infrastructure and back office solutions. In addition to providing and installing 800 Thin Client and 900 monitors, Bull has delivered 2 Bull Escala M6-700 POWER7 servers, 2 EMC² Data Domain and 2 EMC² Celera systems.

25 healthcare establishments choose Bull Evidian to secure access to health data

25 healthcare establishments in the North of France choose Bull and its subsidiary Evidian to secure access to health data. Following a 15-month competitive tendering process involving two other nationally recognized companies, the Bull-Evidian-Altasys alliance has won a four-year contract with each of the members of the procurement consortium. The contract covers the purchase, implementation and maintenance of an access control solution featuring strong authentication based on digital certificates, as well as associated program management services for the 25 healthcare establishments from across the region who are members of the ‘Access and authentication’ procurement consortium being coordinated by the inter-hospital healthcare IT syndicate in Nord-Pas de Calais (SiiH 59/62), as part of the move to comply with the French government’s ‘confidentiality’ directive.

Power on demand for Société Générale

Financial services require powerful analysis and modeling tools. To answer these needs, Extreme Computing helps organizations constantly push back the boundaries of computer simulation, modeling and digital analysis. SG CIB, Société Générale Corporate and Investment Banking, was looking for a solution that would give it both the performance it needed and great flexibility of use. So SG CIB turned to Bull, whose HPC-on-demand offering corresponded to its demands: power, flexibility, responsiveness, high levels of security, commitment and cost control. Bull not only provides servers but also network infrastructure, security, hosting and associated services. Not only the architecture itself, but also the way the services are delivered, are set up to absorb Société Générale’s extra demands and respond to peaks in workload, to meet their changing needs, especially when they are carrying out complex calculations around share derivatives or risk management.

Senegal's leading telecom operator facilitates and secures IT access.

Sonatel, Senegal's first telephone company, now provides telephone (land and cellular), internet, television and data services to over 5 million customers in Africa. A 42% owned subsidiary of France Telecom, Sonatel is Senegal's leading telecom company and has become the top provider of mobile telephone services in Mali. Until now, administrators had to update accounts on a case by case basis, with 5 to 7 applications per user. And each employee had to manage as many passwords on a daily basis. Sonatel's general managers therefore decided to invest in an overall identity and access management solution. Sonatel selected Evidian's offer. The functional criteria were met and Evidian was able to demonstrate its hands-on experience in the telecommunications market. From now on, this solution will let Sonatel manage its users and assign them access rights to resources in a uniform, universal, and quick fashion.

Bull and TalentSoft: partners in the Cloud

TalentSoft offers Human Resources Departments an integrated suite of talent management software in SaaS mode, accessible directly via the Internet, for rapid implementation. The solution offers a guaranteed high level of availability and data security. HR Departments manage their own HR solution, personalizing it and maintaining control over its evolution. The rapid take-up of TalentSoft and its high user satisfaction ratings attest to the success of this model: over two million employees and 10 million jobseekers in 100 countries are now connected to the solution.garik is the first hosting business to offer a dedicated PaaS service for ISVs, with its CloudArchitek range of solutions. This Cloud offering is perfectly suited to software publishers’ needs, thanks to its technical approach and billing model. TalentSoft’s decision reaffirms the relevance of this solution and this has been rewarded by a number of recent major deals signed in the software publishing sector.

Total chooses Bull for its access control security

Total is a leading multinational energy company with over 110,000 employees and operations in more than 130 countries. Together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, Total is the fourth largest publicly-traded oil and gas integrated company in the world. Total has chosen Bull Evidian Enterprise SSO to simplify password management and secure access to its applications using smart cards. The aim is also to improve usability and security (rigorous user identification, access control according to user profiles, audits and alarms), while at the same time reducing the support costs associated with the management of passwords

University of Reims Romeo supercomputer ranked 5th of the Green500 list

The bullx supercomputer deployed at the ROMEO HPC Center of the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne is now fully operational. Powered by NVIDIA Tesla K20X GPU accelerators, it is the most powerful GPU-accelerated cluster in France and also one of the greenest supercomputers in the world.

Valeo chooses Agarik to host secure portal to its office automation Cloud

Valeo – global leader in the design, manufacturing and sale of components, integrated systems and modules for the automotive industry – has renewed its trust in Agarik for the implementation, administration and supervision of its new multi-site Cloud platform.Agarik, the Bull Group subsidiary specializing in critical Web infrastructure hosting and outsourcing, is taking over responsibility for the platform that provides directory services, authentication and access to Google Enterprise and Cordys services via the Cloud for Valeo’s 37,000 connected employees.Agarik will be hosting the directory and authentication platform 24×7, for all Valeo’s office automation services accessed via the Cloud.

Bull helps Veolia Transdev to deploy advanced M2M systems

Veolia Trandev, leader in the public transport with 119,000 employees in 27 countries, entrusts Bull to deploy advanced M2M systems. Bull develops these systems for Veolia Trandev in order to provide new kind of mobility that is reliable and safe. Working with sector experts from the Veolia Trandev group, Bull has successfully embarked down this route. The challenge? To develop operational management systems for highly innovative transport systems, supported by a Geographic Information System combined with the very latest geo-location technologies. Developed by Bull, these kinds of M2M systems have been implemented by numerous local authorities. The result? Real-time bus fleet management, with dynamic computation to track vehicle movements for display at bus stops.

Marseille City Council chooses Bull to supply dematerialization solution

First port in the Mediterranean and France’s second largest city, the city of Marseille entrusts Bull to optimize information manage¬ment at every stage of the council’s administrative and business processes. Bull implements a cross-departmental electronic document management, based on a shared platform. For each new application, the system not only manages all digitized public documents (invitations to tender, council proceedings, orders, invoices, expenditure receipts...) in a consistent way – via municipal portals and applications – but also stores and archives them centrally, all based on Alfresco technologies. The expected result? More fluid and powerful control of the administrative procedures used to manage an annual budget of €1.86 billion.

Non-stop e-commerce service delivery at Wehkamp

Wehkamp has long been the market leader in home shopping in the Netherlands. Having already replaced mailorder with telephone ordering as its principle sales channel, the company has enthusiastically embraced e-commerce. By totally modernizing its infrastructure with Bull, Wehkamp has succeeded in fundamentally tranforming its business.

Xerox chooses bullion to virtualize its critical business applications

In order to virtualize its mission-critical and core paperless processing and document management applications, Xerox GDO France (Xerox’s document management outsourcing business) has chosen bullion servers from Bull, which are delivering tangible results in terms of availability, agility and energy efficiency.

A modernized storage infrastructure to support Zain Gabon’s growth

With its dynamic expansion strategy, Zain is today the leading Telco operator in the Middle East and Africa, covering 22 countries including Gabon with 830,000 subscribers. To support its growth and continue to offer innovative services to its customers, Zain Gabon wanted to rationalize its IT infrastructures with a global storage solution that would guarantee protection, consolidation, backup and archiving of its business data. The chosen infrastructure is built on EMC hardware and software solutions with a SAN-hosted CLARiiON storage array. Secure access management, regular backup and data replication guarantee maximum availability of information. With its local presence and expertise, Bull implemented the entire project from design to deployment, with the support of experts from EMC. Deployed in less than six months, the new infrastructure has immediately resulted in reduced maintenance costs and improved response times.


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